Deploy Your Web Application in AWS

Unison provides a quick to deploy method for integrating your web applications with exiting enterprise identities in AWS. Applications generally need three key components when it comes to a user’s identity:

  1. It needs to know a way to identify the user
  2. It needs to know something about the user
  3. It needs to know what a user can do

Most enterprise already have infrastructure to support answering these questions. The typical enterprise uses Active Directory for storing and managing credentials and data and an identity management system for managing access. The question is, how do you integrate with these services?

Unison sits between your users and your web applications transparently providing the identity services your application needs with the experience your uses expect. When a user accesses your application Unison will intercept the request and authenticate the user against your existing identity services.

Once authenticated Unison can update your application’s database based on a workflow you design. Alternatively if your application relies on LDAP Unison’s integrated virtual directory can provide that service as well without having to reach out to the corporate directories.

Finally, Unison will securely integrate with your application without deploying a complex agent. Unison’s Last Mile integration system provides a thin integration layer that quickly deploys into a J2EE application server, Apache or IIS.

This demo of Drupal running in the cloud is a great example of how your web applications can run in AWS without having to integrate directly with your enterprise identity system. The accompanying wiki page details the steps.

Develop Applications Faster

In addition to making it easier to deploy applications on AWS Unison makes it faster to develop them. Using Unison takes out the need for developers to spend time integrating into your enterprise’s identity services. This cuts down on an external dependency that could slow down development. Your developers are trying to solve business problems, not become identity management experts.

Testing Your Application

To make it easier to test your applications in AWS Tremolo Security provides a testing identity provider that can be used to test different users and attributes without having to make changes to your enterprise identity system. This video shows how quickly this tool can be used to decrease your integration time.

Next Steps

To get started, view this quick video on how to create your AMI or view the AMI deployment steps.

Marc BoorshteinAmazon Web Services