LDAP Virtual Directory Service

MyVirtualDirectory is an open source LDAP Virtual Directory Service providing a single view of identity stores for your applications.  MyVirtualDirectory will connect to other LDAP directories, Active Directory, databases (both relational and NoSQL) and web services to combine and transform identity data transparently to your applications.

Separate Authentication and Authorization Data

Your users are in Active Directory, but you don’t have rights to manage access for your application there.  What you really want is a way to store additional data in a database that you control but your applications don’t know how to do that.  MyVirtualDirectory lets you authenticate against Active Directory but store authorization data and attributes in another directory, RDBMS or a NoSQL database cutting down on your deployment time.

Dynamically Use Data From All of Your Sources

You likely have multiple Active Directory forests, databases and web services that store your identity data.  All that data is likely not owned by the same person in your organization.  MyVirtualDirectory adds a layer capable of integrating with all of your sources in a way that lines up with your organization.

Turn Anything Into an LDAP Directory

Your applications want user data from an LDAP directory, but your team knows how to manage databases, so turn a database into an LDAP directory with MyVirtualDirectory. In most instances any data store can be used as a directory such as a relational database, NoSQL database or even a graph database. Using MyVirtualDirectory to turn a data store your team knows and understands into a directory cuts down on your maintenance costs.


Supported Sources

  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon SimpleDB

Use Cases

  • Active Directory → LDAP
  • Relational Data → Tree Data
  • Join entries across data stores
  • Separate authentication and authorization data