What Can Tremolo Do?

Make  Identity Data More Useful

Read, write, and manage access to data in your existing directories, databases, and web services on demand and utilize it across multiple applications and platforms.

Streamline Requests & Approvals

Give your users a self-serve portal where they can request the resources they need, and requests will automatically be shared with the people responsible for reviewing and approving them.

Simplify Reporting & Auditing

Create new reports on demand and easily integrate them into your existing reporting tools.

Deploy Our Products Your Way

Tremolo’s products run on the virtual machines, containers, and server environments you’re used to. Use them in a way that makes sense for your team, and avoid the unnecessary constraints and expensive changes required by other IAM platforms.

Integrate With Ease

Access our services through APIs to simplify the process of using our technology alongside existing applications and infrastructure.

Have Your Voice Heard

We want to hear about your challenges and needs so we can find ways to help you meet them head on. Our products are built around actual customer needs, not just filling feature lists or justifying rising costs.

Our Suite of Products


Deploy an identity management platform quickly and get it integrated with all of the identity data and applications across your organization, no matter what they’re built on.


Add single sign-on to all of your applications, automate complex multi-step tasks that span multiple applications and consoles, and give users a way to request their own access to ease the workload for your support and management teams.

MyVirtual Directory

Connect OpenUnison with identity stores and databases that already exist throughout your organization, enabling them to be used in ways that weren’t possible before.

Our Partners

What Makes Tremolo Different?

Knowing What Works (and what doesn't)

The team behind Tremolo Security worked hands-on with identity management technology for years before deciding to build the tools we wish we’d had when facing the challenges you’re dealing with on a daily basis.

Seamless & Secure

Tremolo makes it easy for you to secure and utilize all of that data across the organization, automate request and approval workflows to reduce your workload, and uncover cracks in your identity management processes to eliminate unnecessary risks and proactively prevent human error.

First-hand Experience

We know first-hand how expensive and labor-intensive it can be to keep your organization’s data secure, especially when it’s spread out among multiple systems that each have their own unique databases, interfaces, workflows, and requirements.

The Leading Team of Experts

Meet the identity experts behind Tremolo.

Let's think through how Tremolo products can simplify Identity and Access Management for your organization