Authentication and Authorization

OpenShift User Management

The first step after deploying OpenShift is determining how to create and manage users, manage access to projects and audit access in your deployment.  Tremolo Security’s Orchestra for OpenShift is an open source project for automating the on-boarding of users, groups and projects without having to manually provision resources via the console or cli.  Orchestra is a baseline implementation that can be extended to add multi-factory authentication and custom workflows.

OpenShift and SAML

Use the Login Portal for OpenShift to add SAML authentication to your OpenShift deployment.  Add Just-In-Time provisioning for OpenShift too by synchronizing a user’s groups from their SAML2 identity provider directly into OpenShift.  No more synchronization jobs.

Identity Services for Apps on OpenShift

With Unison and OpenUnison you can go beyond managing OpenShift and provide identity services to apps running on your OpenShift cluster.  Both OpenUnison and Unison provide a wide range of application integrations and can run as a reverse proxy to provide SSO and just-in-time (JIT) provisioning or you can setup Unison and OpenUnison to provision data directly into applications.

Certified on Red Hat

Both OpenUnison and Unison have been certified by the Red Hat Connect program.  We’re also members of OpenShift Commons and have been accepted into the OpenShift Primed program.

DevOps Identity Management

You’re automating your application deployments, but manually adding users to groups?  Why only automate some of the process?  Tremolo Security’s tools provide a powerful identity automation platform that can eliminate the “email shuffle”.  In this video from Red Hat’s DevNation Federal in 2017 our CTO discusses how to automate user management for OpenShift the same way you automate your application deployments with OpenShift!

Learn More About Tremolo Security and OpenShift

You’ve seen how Tremolo Security can add enterprise authentication and user management to your OpenShift cluster, so what’s next?  The links below will take you to the Github project for our OpenShift Identity Manager, videos and example guides to get you started.  Feel free to open issues on Github or reach out on twitter to learn more about how Tremolo Security can help you secure your OpenShift cluster.