Self Service Identity Management

ScaleJS is a collection of applications built on RESTful web services and AngularJS to provide a self service identity management portal for both Unison and OpenUnison deploying directly into Unison and OpenUnison and easily customized.  If you don’t want to use our AngularJS frontend you can write your own with our documented APIs.

Deploys Into Unison/OpenUnison

There’s no need to deploy another service to support ScaleJS.  The web services are configured as URLs in both Unison and OpenUnison.  This means that anything done to secure and deploy Unison and OpenUnison will apply directly to ScaleJS.  Any authentication that you can configure of Unison and OpenUnison will work with ScaleJS!

Fall In Love with Identity Management

Combining ScaleJS and Unison/OpenUnison empowers your users to ask for, approve (or deny) and report on access for applications without involving your system administrators!  Application owners get insights into who has access to their applications, auditors can obtain the reports needed and system administrators don’t need to get involved every time a user needs access to something!



  • Edit / Update User Profile
  • View Current Access
  • Dashboard of “Badges” with links to authorized applications
  • Self service access requests
  • Approvals / Denials
  • Reporting


  • Forms for user input prior to launching a workflow
  • Lists, drop downs, and text area fields
  • Optional Terms and Conditions
  • Optional Google reCaptcha
  • Simple input validation and custom validation

Password Reset

  • Multiple validation handlers
  • Easily customized


  • Provides authentication tokens to the user
  • Buttons to copy content to the clipboard
  • Support for text and QR codes
  • Customizable token types

Single Request

  • Executes a simple workflow without user input other then a reason