Cloud Native Identity Management

Tremolo Security provides identity management for your applications and infrastructure. Our solutions manage access to SaaS applications such as Google and Salesforce, Linux and Windows infrastructure, or cloud native systems like Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Without Tremolo Security
With Tremolo Security

Identity Services

Tremolo Security builds identity services applications rely on.

LDAP Virtual Directory

Consume identity data from directories, databases, and web services transparently


Combine multiple types of authentication including SAML, OpenID Connect, username and password and U2F

Self Service Portal

Put users in control with a responsive portal that lets them request and approve access as well as view reports

API Driven

APIs provide access to all of Unison and OpenUnison’s services easing integration into your environment

Integrated Reporting

Reports are built on simple SQL statements, making it easy to add new reports

External Reporting

Our data model is documented and can be integrated into any reporting engine

Provision Access To Almost Anything

Out-of-the-box connectors for LDAP, databases, Active Directory, OpenShift, Kubernetes and more!

Runs on Your Infrastructure

Runs on VMs, in Docker containers, on Kubernetes or OpenShift or even bare metal!

Certified for Your Enterprise

We work hard to make sure we obtain the certifications you’re looking for to support your enterprise.  Need a certification we haven’t covered?  Let us know!

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100% Open Source
OpenUnison is a 100% open source approach to identity management
Runs Inside of a Container or VM
Bare metal? VM? Cloud? Container? Choose the profile that works for you
Deploys as a J2EE Web Application
Deploy in an embedded version of Undertow or use a stand alone container such as Tomcat, Jetty, or Wildfly
Build easily locally or in a CI/CD Pipeline
OpenUnison is built to be easily deployed either locally or using a CI/CD pipeline to create powerful identity solutions
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Management UI and Clustering
Manage Unison from a central UI including certificate management, clustering and a visual workflow editor.
Deploy with an RPM or Container
Unison is easily deployed and upgraded using either our RPM or Container
Runs Inside of a Container or VM
Bare metal? VM? Cloud? Container? Choose the profile that works for you
Easy Upgrades
Unison upgrades are as simple as updating a container or patching your host
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LDAP Virtual Directory
Integrate data from directories, databases and web services
Compatible with OpenUnison
MyVD uses the same configuration as OpenUnison's integrated virtual directory, making it easy to integrate
Scales Easily
Each MyVD instance is stateless, making it easy to add new instances as demand requies
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