access identity data

Across Your Organization's Applications

Use Data From Any Source

MyVirtualDirectory adds a data layer that integrates with all  your sources and lines up with your organization

Separate Authentication and Authorization Data

Store additional data in a database whether you control it or not

Speed Up Deployment Time

Authenticate against ActiveDirectory while storing authorization data and attributes in another database

Turn Anything Into an LDAP Directory

Stop playing information hide-and-seek. Quickly view logs, generate compliance and audit reports, and see changes inside the Orchestra dashboard.

Let's chat about how MyVirtualDirectory can help streamline the sharing of identity data across your organization


Use Cases

Active Directory > LDAP

Connect existing identity data stores with OpenUnison, enable single sign-on across all your applications, and skip setting up new users from scratch when building new ones.

Relational Data > Tree Data

Your applications want LDAP, but your admins know databases! Not a problem with MyVirtualDirectory. Connect LDAP aware applications to any supported database making both your applications and admins stoked!

Join Entries Across Data Stores

User's contact information is in Active Directory, but personalization is on your database. Thats not a problem with MyVirtualDirectory! Join data across multiple stores to create a single entry in a virtual directory without any synchronization!

Separate Authentication and Authorization Data

Attributes in Active Directory, but groups in your own database? No worries! MyVirtualDirectory can join your authorization data across multiple silos transparently!

Supported Sources

Active Directory
Amazon SimpleDB

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