Infrastructure & DevOps

Kubernetes Authentication

Bridge Authentication From the Enterprise to Kubernetes

Increase DevOps ROI and lower costs by rapidly deploying enterprise authentication into Kubernetes, including the dashboard and CLI tools.

infrastructure automation

Automate Application Deployment

Automate the onboarding of project infrastructure and lower costs with self service workflows that provision Kubernetes objects, namespaces, rolebindings, and cloud based CI/CD infrastructure

OpenUnison + Orchestra Can Help You Secure Your Entire Kubernetes Platfrom

kubernetes integration

Use Existing Data Stores

OpenUnison's API lets users and tools get Kubernetes tokens based on checked out identities, improving Kubernetes integration with external privileged access management tools, leveraging existing PAM investments, reducing compliance time, and increasing speed to ROI.

authorize to kubernetes

Bridge Enterprise Authorizations into Kubernetes

With OpenUnison, organizations can transparently connect existing authorization data into Kubernetes for faster implementation and fewer manual actions by SREs and admins.

Learn How to Integrate OpenUnison + Orchestra With Your Current OpenShift Instance

patching and compliance

Cure Your Update Headaches

Easy upgrades require little to no work beyond running a build and pushing a container. You can be confident you're compliant with your patching obligations without worrying your identity system will be impacted.


Take Control of Your Organization's DevOps Infrastructure

Managing access and provisioning of your DevOps infrastructure doesn't need to be complex. Tremolo Security has a solution to your toughest DevOps access challenges - regardless of your organization size.

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