OpenUnison & Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Supercharged Kubernetes

Directly Integrated Into Your EKS Cluster

See OpenUnison in Action
If you're ready to see how OpenUnison can make your organization's Amazon EKS cluster more efficient, let us show you a working proof of concept.


Use your Active Directory credentials for EKS access and get a managed Kubernetes service by using the Orchestra login portal for Active Directory. You'll also get secure access to the dashboard and short lived token which are kept up-to-date by kubectl.


OpenUnison reduces cluster sprawl while decreasing management and computing costs by letting multiple applications operate in a single shared cluster.

CI/CD Infrastructure Automation

OpenUnison is more than just authentication. It creates an automated CI/CD layer so developers can easily build out infrastructure

EKS Integrated

Deploy Kubernetes using OpenUnison directly through EKS.
Download now from the AWS Marketplace.

Integrate with Existing Infrastructure

No hidden software or hardware costs here. OpenUnison directly integrates with EKS and all AWS architecture on startup.

Rapid Speed of Implementation

Because OpenUnison is open source, we can go from conversation, to proof of concept, to deploying EKS in weeks instead of months. Faster deployment speed means higher user cost savings

Compliance Made Easy

Automated NIST 800-53 compliant audit reports let you focus less on manual compliance and more on your development

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