Enterprise Applications

Application management

Connect Every Enterprise Application

Your organization moves at the speed of communication. Whether built with Java, .NET, or LAMP, Tremolo Security solutions let you rapidly add enterprise authentication and authorization to any application, without agents! Get back to focusing on providing value to your customers.


Manage Identity Across Multiple Clouds

Lightweight integration combined with just-in-time provisioning keeps identity data focussed on applications - regardless of where they live.

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Give Users Access and Control

Make your internal customers happy by giving them the power to rapidly control their own identity needs with our self-service portal. By determining who can access applications - business owners streamline account and group creation workflows, and save time for themselves and administrators.

centralized user data

User Access Made Easy

Synchronizing identity data between silos is a thing of the past. Tremolo Security products simplify access to multiple domains by connecting transparently to your identity stores. The result: a better experience for users by letting them use their own credentials.

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Access Existing Identity Data

We've not only built standard and service specific APIs for major platforms like Active Directory, AzureAD, Okta, and Google, but our transparent integrations let users leverage existing identity data across all applications so your organization can  leverage existing investments without adding cost or risk.

patching and compliance

Cure Your Update Headaches

Easy upgrades require little to no work beyond running an update. You can be confident you're compliant with your patching obligations without worrying your identity system will be impacted.


Take Control of Your Organization's Applications

Managing lots of applications, multiple data stores, and countless users doesn't need to be complex. Tremolo Security has a solution to your toughest IAM challenges - regardless of your organization size.

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