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Automate OpenShift Identity Management and Project Deployment with Unison 1.0.10

May 2, 2017


Marc Boorshtein

Today at Red Hat Summit we are releasing Unison and OpenUnison 1.0.10 with exciting features for Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform.  For this release we have extended both Unison and OpenUnison to allow you to create OpenShift projects from a template, create groups and add those groups to the correct policies.  This creates an end-to-end self-service system for creating projects.

Why is this important?  As I sit in the OpenShift commons gathering a common theme I hear is that a custom solution is needed to create projects and manage users.  Why?  OpenShift doesn’t provide a workflow system, but it does include great API support.  We thought Unison would be a great fit here since we have a simple, light weight workflow engine that makes it easy to integrate multiple types of approvals, escalations and provide self service reporting.  First we get an approval.  Then we create all of the objects needed to let your users and developers request access to the project via ScaleJS, our self service portal.  Every step is recorded in our audit database so now your admins and management can see quickly who’s requesting and approving access!

In addition to these great capabilities, we also added FIDO Alliance U2F support for both Unison and OpenUnison.  You can register your device and use it in a multi factor login.

Do you want to learn more?  If you’re in Boston for Red Hat Summit come by booth #145!  We have demos and great swag!

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