Cloud Native

Building a Developer Portal

September 1, 2020


Marc Boorshtein


  • Create a portal for developers and admins using Kubernetes native APIs
  • Add applications that support your cluster to the OpenUnison portal
  • Cut down on external dependencies when deploying clusters
  • Automate authentication

In our last post, Building a Multi-Cluster Authentication Portal, we talked about integrating multiple clusters into a single OpenUnison portal. Your clusters are made of more then just Kubernetes though. You have source control systems, dashboards, etc, that all have user interfaces and need authentication. Even if you have already integrated authentication directly for a system, like your enterprise GitHub or AWS console, you still want to provide a single starting point for your developers to access these applications.

Enter OpenUnison 1.0.20! You could always add and customize to OpenUnison, but now you can do it by adding objects to your Kubernetes namespace. No need to rebuild. We added documentation for integrating ArgoCD into OpenUnison. You can follow the same model for adding other applications too to build you developer portal!

ArgoCD Integrated into OpenUnison

Using OpenUnison as your developer portal gives your developers and administrators a single place to access tools for your clusters from. It also cuts down on external dependencies when on-boarding new systems. Lets say your standard cluster, in addition to Kubernetes, has ArgoCD and GitLab in it and your centralized authentication provider is Okta. Using a traditional approach you would need to create trusts between Kubernetes, ArgoCD, and GitLab to Okta.

Using OpenUnison, you only need to establish one trust between OpenUnison and Okta. When adding a new cluster you're team is able to onboard each application's SSO capabilities using Kubernetes APIs without having to rely on the Okta team to onboard them. This lets you automate cluster creation and removing an important external dependency!

Interested in building your own developer portal with OpenUnison? Take a look at our editions for authenticating with Active Directory, GitHub, SAML2, and OpenID Connect to get started!

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