What We Learned at Red Hat Summit

July 15, 2015


Marc Boorshtein

We had our first booth at Red Hat Summit this year in Boston back in June.  It was great talking to the attendees about the challenges they’re facing in identity management.  We found a few common threads in the discussion:

  1. Linux system administrators don’t own Active Directory and so have a hard time getting their Linux systems into AD
  2. Where admins do have a directory, management of the permissions is a hassle, so being able to quickly and easily allow users to request their own access would be beneficial
  3. Large enterprise identity management systems don’t fit the cloud and container based systems that are being deployed

Both Unison and OpenUnison are uniquely built to handle these challenges.  Our combination of focus on being lightweight and virtualizing data make us an ideal choice for handling both the tactical issues attendees are facing as well as the strategic challenges of managing users across multiple clouds.

To that end, Tremolo Security has published a white paper describing these use cases in detail and how Unison and OpenUnison can provide solutions.  There’s no need to register, but if you’d like to ask us more you can reach us at at the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this blog.

White Paper –