Enterprise Applications on Amazon Web Services Just Got Easier

February 25, 2015


Marc Boorshtein

Deploying applications to Amazon Web Services with enterprise identity just got easier.  You can now deploy Unison directly from the AWS Marketplace in a fully configured AMI.  The AMI includes everything you need to get started:

  1. Unison is deployed and ready for configuration
  2. Firewall rules are in place for forwarding 80 and 443 to 8080 and 8443
  3. Filters and drivers for using AWS services such as Amazon SimpleDB and RDS

Using Unison with AWS provides more then just an SSO system for applications hosted in AWS, it lets applications leverage AWS services for transparent identity integration.  Applications that already know how to use LDAP for user and group lookup can transparently use an RDS server or Amazon SimpleDB to store that data.  This can provide a boost in deployment times over a centralized directory because the data is provided to your application the way its expected by that application instead of having to change your application to suit the data or jump through administrative hoops to update a centralized schema.  Fewer hurdles to getting applications deployed means a faster return on investment.

Amazon has set a trend for providing light-weight services.  Unison helps your enterprise applications leverage these services for your application’s identities.  We’re currently building demos to show just how easily you can take an application running in your enterprise and move it to AWS without having to build a complex directory synchronization or make complex changes to your application.  To see how you can get started, take a look at Tremolo Security’s AWS Page or you can go straight to the AWS Marketplace and get started with Unison.