Identity Management

ICAM on a Purchase Card

January 29, 2017


Marc Boorshtein

If you’ve done any work for or with the US federal government, you’ve heard the acronym ICAM or FICAM.  It stands for the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management standards outlined at  These are a set of standards agencies should follow when it comes to identity management, items like using your PIV cards for authentication and providing audit frameworks.  In the past, application and product owners either did the bare minimum to get by in this area or relied on centralized ICAM programs that are built on legacy technologies that can take months if not years to complete integrations.

Tremolo Security wants to offer you another way.  We’re offering federal agencies the ability to get to FICAM compliance on with money that can be spent on a purchase card without a long drawn out evaluation process!  For $3,500 (US) you get:

  • 1 year of support for OpenUnison which includes SSO, user provisioning, workflows and reporting for one application up to 200 users
  • 2 hour SLA on priority 1 tickets
  • A private ticketing system, no opening issues on GitHub
  • Priority given to feature requests to better support your mission
  • 8 hours of professional services to help you get setup and integrated

What can you accomplish for $3,500 US?  Get an ICAM solution for your application that adds:

  1. PIV integration
  2. Integration with SAML2 federated solutions
  3. A self service framework for requesting access to your application
  4. Self service reports for your security officer and product owner about who’s using the system and how often its being used
  5. Easier integration with other agencies

How can we make this offer?  We’ve streamlined the deployment of OpenUnison to the point that it can easily be integrated into any environment.  Most applications can be integrated from a template and some updates to the configuration.  If this interests you, click on the Contact Us link and let us know!