Identity Management

Unison 1.0.7 Released

August 8, 2016


Marc Boorshtein

We’re proud to announce the availability of Unison and OpenUnison 1.0.7.  This release has several major updates:

  • Automatic database configuration
  • Support for Postgres
  • ScaleJS is directly integrated
  • More password compliance integration
  • Direct integration with Red Hat Identity Management (FreeIPA), OpenShift and OpenStack

What do these features mean?  A faster path to securely managing identities in your applications and systems.  Need a powerful password reset system?  An OpenStack or OpenShift identity manager?  Maybe just a solution for your linux servers?  Both Unison and OpenUnison will change what you envision as a “reasonable” time to implement identity management.


To help prove our point, we’ll be releasing a series of quick starts for common identity management use cases.  They’ll include password reset systems, Multi-Factor token management and identity management solutions for both OpenShift and OpenStack.

Ready to get started?  Where to begin?  The best place to start is our documentation and wiki.  If you’re interested in OpenUnison, our open source identity management solution take a look at our GitHub repo for OpenUnison.  Want a feature we don’t have?  Have a suggestion?  We love feedback to please don’t be shy!